There Are Two Types of Competitors

Brands that offer similar or identical products or services to yours. content your competitors are performing best in organic searches Enter their domain name or blog Go to Top Pages report Estimated monthly search traffic for Liforme.coms popular blog posts Here you can see that the website has many posts about seated yoga poses and yoga flexibility poses. These two keywords also rank first on Google as you can see from the Top Keyword and Position columns. This report is great for quickly finding some initial topics and keywords that might be worth writing about.

You can easily find content competitors

 If you need more just repeat the process for more business competitors. content competitors Content competitors are sites that you compete with in the organic search space but they dont necessarily compete Phone Number List with you in a business sense. For example one of our content competitors is because it competes for many of the same keywords. But its not a business competitor to us because we sell different things. through keyword analysis Enter keywords you discovered while analyzing your business competitors Access the Traffic Share by Domains report This report shows the estimated websites with the most traffic based on the keywords you entered Run these sites through Site

Conduct thorough keyword research

 Explorer just like you and your business competitors to find more theme ideas. Now that you know what your competitors are writing about B2B Fax Lead and where their traffic is coming from its time to conduct keyword research and explore what people are searching for in your niche. First determine your seed keywords. Seed keywords are basically key topics that you are going to write about on your blog. The easiest way is to write down the main words that define what your business is or what you sell. For example if you were starting a blog for your coffee shop they might look something like this coffee Italian-style condensed coffee.

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