What will change with the redesign

Screaming Frog is great for this, and again, you can load up the old site crawl if you need to do any analysis. Don’t fix what is not broken Keep things the same where you can – particularly URLs. If you can keep the URL structure and page names the same, there is way less that can go wrong. If you have to make changes, so be it. But make sure they are warranted for the greater good, not just done for the heck of it. Remember, you don’t need to keep things that are not working. Set up 301 redirects Redirecting old URLs to new ones should be the first job on your list. If possible, keep content on the duplicate URLs when redesigning a site. For instance, a WordPress or Shopify redesign can keep the same URL structure.

Some HTTP authentication is best

Website redesign SEO checklist Fortunately, with some preplanning, avoiding SEO disasters and maintaining DB to Data SEO during a website redesign is pretty straightforward. Following the stages in this website redesign SEO checklist will ensure you preserve your precious SEO rankings and traffic. Keep the old site live Keep the old site live on a private web address if you can. Make sure a crawler can’t access the site.  but having the old site to refer to when you hit a snag can be a godsend. Some or part of the site will often be on the web archive, but having the real thing is way better. Save crawl data Save a crawl of the old site, even if you have the site on a temp URL.

What will change with the redesign

DB to Data

Remember, you don’t need to do everything at once in most cases, so minimize the variables. Ensure that during all website planning discussions, an SEO stakeholder is involved and armed with B2B Fax Lead information on what works and must be factored into the new site. Get SEO in at the planning stage – don’t try to fix things when development has started.  Armed with a knowledge of what works and what can go wrong, you can review the goals for the new site. Two key SEO goals should be: To preserve the existing rankings and traffic. To improve the rankings and traffic. Ideally, you will have a complete sitemap for the new site that you can use to compare against the existing site and create mappings for URL moves.

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