Through the freehand lasso

 For example. Through the freehand lasso. Once you have an active selection you can use it to make only the area of the layer where you are positione visible and mask the rest. This is the logic on which nondestructive cropping is base . That is. Cropping that does not eliminate pixels of what you are not intereste in seeing it simply hides its visibility. In the example below you can see how we then create a layer mask starting from a selection made with the quick selection tool.

Your selection will be

 A selection made with the quick selection tool is the basis of the layer mask in this example whenever you have an active selection. To create a mask. Simply click C Level Contact List the washing machine icon in the layer panel circle in the image below and photoshop will automatically create a mask press the create layer masks button at the bottom of photoshop. S layers panel by default. The object of visible. The unselecte one will be maske. In the layers panel you will now see.

That we have to be surgical

 Together with the layer thumbnail. A socalle alpha channel . Which is nothing more than the grayscale representation of the mask applie to the layer. Everything B2B Fax Lead that is black is hidden. Everything that is white is visible. The applie layer mask shows the white areas and covers the black areas of the layer on which it is applie vector masks how to create a vector mask in photoshop. The selection tools that photoshop offers are now very powerful. Versatile and easy to use. However. It happens  in the contours and then it is not uncommon to come across the use of vector tools.

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