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You can even turn off layers to see how an image would look without a certain element. Let’s learn this basic and very useful tool. learn . Step 2 In order to rotate a layer, you first ne a layer, right? So if you previously creat an image with layers in , go ahead and open it and go to step . If you don’t have an image of the layer creat yet, go to step 1 and I’ll show you how to make the layer. It’s easy, don’t worry. Step 1 You ne to open a new canvas to get start. Go to File New to do this. A screen will pop up asking you to resize the canvas. If desir, you can change the height and width to match the image you plan to create.

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Start with values like width: px and height: px  later. Procure This white canvas is your background. You’ll want to add some layers on top of this background to allow maximum flexibility when designing. To create a new layer, go to the Burma Business Email List Layers palette in the lower right corner. There is a tab showing the layers next to Channels , Paths and Properties , make sure it’s the one you click on. You’ll see a white thumbnail and text background. At the bottom of that little panel is an icon that looks like a dog-ear page.

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Your first new layer. If you plan to use the shape tool for your first drawing, you don’t ne to create a new layer cause when you draw the shape on the background, a new layer is automatically creat that contains the shape B2B Fax Lead tool’s title and . See the third example low. Top Lessons If you’re trying to open an image as a layer in a final product, there are a few more steps to follow. First, go to File Open and select your image.

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