10 Content Promotion Strategies That Work With Examples

Relying entirely on organic visibility from search engines isn’t a great approach. As only one website will earn the top spot in the search results. Similarly, relying on social media platforms for organic visibility. Isn’t a great approach, as they usually only show your content to a fraction of your followers. That means you need an alternative method to get your content in front of your audience. The problem is that most content promotion strategies are either: Minimally effective. For example, sharing a blog post link on multiple social media channels isn’t a very effective strategy to earn more organic traffic. Too involved: For example, a trend report that surveys 1,000 bloggers will probably receive a lot of shares and engagement.

Repurpose Your Content

But it’s unrealistic to expect you to do this each month. In this post. We’ll introduce you to some content promotion strategies. That are effective and sustainable so that you can help each new piece of content. You publish earn more reach and engagement. Note: These strategies are only effective if you create valuable content worth sharing. These tips will help your content get initial visitors. But you will only earn more shares, engagement, and backlinks if people think it’s worth sharing with their friends. So, ensure you’re creating engaging Job Function Email Database content before promoting it. Most audiences don’t check blogs regularly. So even though you publish a new post on your blog, your audience probably won’t see it. To ensure your audience sees your new content, email it to them each week.

Use Employee Advocacy

The email newsletter is our main content promotion strategy at Copy blogger. Each week, we send the most recent blog post and various other pieces of content that Copy blogger owner, Tim Stoddart, has created. While I don’t have any exact statistics. I’ve noticed that the posts we promote to the email list often B2B Fax Lead rank faster in search engines than those we do not promote. This is probably because search engines can see that the content is earning positive user engagement signals. So promoting content to your email list is an easy way to boost your SEO. To start building an email list, create free lead magnets that people can download in exchange for an email address.

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