How To Make A Successful Podcast From Top 1% Podcaster

It’s important to pick a content medium you enjoy because consistency. Is essential to succeeding as a content creator. So Danny recommends podcasting for anyone who already enjoys phone conversations. His podcast actually started because he posted a Tweet inviting his followers to do one-on-one phone calls with him. He enjoyed these conversations, so it made sense to just record them and turn the content into a podcast. If you’re not sure if podcasting is right for you, record a few episodes and ask yourself if you could do it for the next decade. If you don’t think you’ll want to continue creating podcast content for another ten years. Consider a different medium you would enjoy more. The initial podcast guests can be your friends, and you don’t need any fancy recording software for your first episodes.

Who Should Start A Podcast

Danny recommends you use this Audio Technica mic to get started. You can invest in better audio quality and podcast recording. Equipment after you’ve put in some reps and decided that podcasting is a content medium you enjoy. However, Danny’s success isn’t because of his podcasting equipment or even B2B Email List his workflow process. The first step is deciding who you want to interview. Many beginner podcasters aim to land guests with large followings. But Danny focuses primarily on people who inspire him. By only talking to people he feels inspired by, you can feel the natural chemistry in his interviews. And that chemistry significantly elevates the quality of his podcast episodes. It’s also easier to land guests if you only reach out to people who truly inspire you. As you won’t have to use perfectly optimized outreach templates.

Reaching Out To Podcast Guests

In fact, Danny doesn’t use any outreach templates. He doesn’t even have a specific outreach strategy. Instead, he messages people he feels inspired by and authentically tells them how their content resonates with him. That genuine message stands out from the rest of the pitches these creators receive. Which will increase your acceptance rate and help you reduce the time you spend doing outreach. Danny also prioritizes doing random acts of kindness, which B2B Fax Lead usually pays dividends. For example, he noticed someone who follows him Tweeted that they’re starting a podcast. So he reached out and offered to help if that person needed anything.

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