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On the even after entering the term “creative agency” in the search engine, you will learn more about its classic, advertising version. Indee, there are many similarities between these two types of marketing agencies. However, there are also differences that make it possible to clearly state that a creative agency is significantly different from an advertising agency. Both the creative and advertising agency deal with the creation of marketing campaigns, advertisements and attracting recipients to your products. However, there are some differences between them that are important in distinguishing them. Approach to the problem The creative agency tries.

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To solve all problems in an unusual, unconventional way. This means that he treats each challenge differently than all others. He wonders how to surprise the recipients and provide them with marketing information in an interesting way. It is usually an advertisement that makes you think. It happens that successive elements of a marketing campaign combine with each other, creating a solution to a puzzle. Coordinating leaflets, banners and online advertisements in such a way that they attract the attention of customers and arouse their curiosity is a characteristic feature of a creative agency. An advertising agency.

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The visibility of the brand in the outside world can be easily measure by the number of banners that are locate in a specific space. If you are curious how this translates into brand awareness, there is an easy way to find out. Google provides a B2B Fax Lead tool for entrepreneurs that allows you to track the most popular key phrases that are entere in the search engine. It also allows you to track the statistics of a specific phrase or keyword that is relate to your brand. By tracking your company’s search statistics on Google, you can analyze its level of popularity and interest.

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