Cyberclick Presented New Strategies for E-mail Marketing

 On March 21 in Madrid and on the 19th in Barcelona. ​The I Conference Cyberclick Presented on e-mail marketing organized by. The online marketing company Cyberclick under the title. These two events served to bring together email marketing professionals. Who discussed best practices for obtaining responses with this type of campaign. Therefore, Companies such as Schober PDM , Grupo Moliner ,and Sol Meliá. Travel among others participated among the speakers. The practical cases and presentations.


The participants also contributed to giving

A vision of the changes. That await email executive email list marketing during this year. Among the most significant, the new Information Society Services Law. Which could come into force at the beginning of next fall. Therefore, If you were unable to attend, these were some of the most important takeaways. Advertising can only be sent to the addresses of users who have given. Their express consent to do so (the use of pre-marked. Boxes is not recommended) and they must be informed in each communication of their right to modify or cancel their data. – Promotional emails must identify the sender.


Include the word “advertising”

At the beginning of the message and B2B Fax Lead detail. The conditions and clauses of the draws, awarding of prizes Cyberclick Presented and gifts. – Users are more receptive to this type of communications the more it fits their needs and desires. Therefore, It is advisable to consult them about the content, frequency and format of the messages they will receive. – The cost-effectiveness ratio, the ease of sending and the speed in measuring results are some of the advantages of e-mail marketing. But the main one is its power as a tool to build long-term relationships, often with users who could not be reached through other channels or with whom this means of communication is especially appropriate.

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