Travel Websites Take Long to Respond

Frequently, the speed of response to customer queries. Received via e-mail does not meet their expectations, as demonstrated. A recent study by the consulting firm Jupiter Media Metrix in the US. After an investigation carried out among several travel websites.  Therefore, The results indicate that 61% of the pages respond to their clients. Therefore, Emails within 24 hours. while 31% do so in three days or more, or do not respond at all. absolute. The seriousness of the matter becomes more evident. If we take into account that 49% of those surveyed value the travel sector. The online business in which customer service is most decisive in making a purchase. Their computer is a text message. 7. Ask your users what they want.


According to JMM

The properly using email or telephone to inform executive data their clients of future delays. Therefore, Travel agencies and airlines could deepen their relationship with them. Reduce the cost of customer service by 33%. The proof is that 62% of consumers would like airlines to keep them. Therefore, Even 56% affirm that these companies should enable a free 24-hour. Therefore, Customer service telephone number and 54% would like the response. Time for queries via email to be reduced. Adjust to subscribers’ technological capabilities. For example, many do not have fast connections and others cannot receive. 


Marketing through e-mail

General all electronic marketing techniques achieve B2B Fax Lead much more. Therefore, Positive results in combination with other means. Such as Travel Websites traditional direct marketing or advertising. – In this sense, customer service and marketing. Departments must integrate all points of contact with. Their potential buyer and centralize the information collected through them. For example, following up by telephone. Therefore, A campaign sent by e-mail and sending via email. The complementary information that the client requests in that call. Therefore, Business and professional emails are the next challenge in email marketing. The database market will begin to respond to this new need of advertisers. Who want to contact their professional clients with. The same speed and low cost as the business-to-consumer sector.

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