Essential elements to optimize your advertising in Google Ads

Many think that running an advertising campaign in Google Ads is simply setting up the ads. Setting a budget, a landing page and letting it run. Essential elements to ndefinite period of time. However, there are many optimization actions necessary to really get the most out of your budget. Next I will tell you about some. Before starting, although I will mention some optimization actions for your Google Ads campaigns. It is important to clarify that they are not a formula for success. In order to have better performance in your campaigns. You must take into account that external factors intervene such as the behavior of your company’s industry. Seasonality and competitors, among other things.

Use of negative keywords / exclusion from sites and channels

Negative keywords refer to a list of terms for which you do not want to appear. That is, your Search ads do not activate. While excluding sites and channels works in the same way. But for Display ads and Video. When you are starting your advertising in Google Ads. Essential elements to this is essential. Mainly to refine the keywords with which your services C Level Executive List can be confused. Therefore, I recommend that you review the search terms section , in the keywords section of your ad groups , and periodically analyze. The terms with which your ads were activated. That you list those that do not serve you. Taking care that do not conflict with your main keywords, this will greatly benefit the quality level of your campaigns.

Optimal times and days

Defining your advertising schedules is very important to optimize. Your campaigns at the times when it works best, and even limit it to a time range in case you are not available B2B Fax Lead outside of business hours. If it doesn’t matter when they leave their. Essential elements to details and you contact them. As soon as you can during your working hours, it is still valuable to define the times of day when your advertising works best. Where you can even allow percentage increases in the bid. Knowing that This is when you have a higher chance of getting a conversion . In the same way. You can analyze the days in which your campaigns convert best and activate them at that time, however.

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