What Is A Slug And How To Optimize It

The following article elaborates on what is and how you could optimize it to improve your SEO. You might have seen this word  very frequently in What Is A Slug  the SEO of the webpage or a website. Various articles talk about the post or page  on WordPress and the importance of optimizing it for improved SEO. But the main question that arises is what exactly does a mean? Keep reading the article to know in detail what is in SEO and gain some basic knowledge about how to optimize it.

How To Optimize What Is A Slug Your Slug

By now you WhatsApp Number List might have got a clear idea about what is a  and why it is very important for SEO. Now let us proceed further and know how to best optimize it. Consider Keywords For Ranking You can help Google and other search engines read for which keywords you wish to rank for the specific webpage or post, by adding those keywords in the webpage .

Dashes Between What Is A Slug Words in Slug

For example: Suppose, you want rank B2B Fax Lead for the keyword. What is a  and you composed a post title. Now, WordPress will by default create this  . This is not preferred as good practice because the long  can confuse Google and its users. You can modify it, alter the and make it -and-its-optimization. This is short and easy to be understood by users.

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