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Media Library or you can use our Stock Materials

Here you have two options: choose one of the pre-built presets or start your project from scratch. mobile app promo add scene If you choose “Load a preset” and click “Create”, you will see our pre-built and custom presets, which are created to save your time and avoid thinking. mobile app promo presets Review and use the ones that fit your services.

Click “Use Already Created Story” and start customizing the scenes with your text and media files. mobile app promo preset However, if you want to create a completely new project, click “Add Scene” and choose the scenes manually.

This template offers 15 categories of scenes iPhone scenes

Android device scenes, logo animations, text Database containers, video containers, etc. Take a look at them and insert the ones you like best. mobile app promo scenes Then edit selected scenes by adding your text, uploading your media files, and adding a music track or voiceover.

There are more than 150,000 videos on any subject and for any occasion. Use the Search Bar Above or the Most. Popular Tags to Find Videos More Easily. Mobile App Promo Stock Video. Once You Choose the Video, Edit It by Cropping. The Main Parts and Adjusting the Volume of the Video.

After Finishing This Section, Click Done. Mobile App Promo Video Trimmer. When You’re Done and Happy With the Result, Go to the “Style” Section. Of the Editor Menu and Choose From the Five Options.

Then customize the colors of your video by going to the Color section


Here you can choose one of our color palettes B2B Fax Lead or choose custom colors manually. After you’re done with the colors, preview them in the suggested scenes.

What makes your video really attractive and vivid is the music. Choose the track that best suits your project in the “Music” section or upload your own track.

You can even mute your project. mobile app promo add music Also, you can click “Add Voiceover” and upload or record your own voiceover for each scene.

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