Disastrous Memories with His

 He liv most of his life in hotels, and towards the end of his life, alongside his inseparable companion, Simone Boué, in a tiny apartment in Paris. He never had a computer. He always resist receiving awards. And he said, regarding the publishing boom of his books, that “every success is a misunderstanding . ” The man who had display an uncompromising intellectual lucidity, who plung his steely critical scalpel into the truths that are consider the most solemn in this life, di in 1994, at the age of eighty-five, undermin by Alzheimer’s disease: a terribly lucid being, finally and terribly stripp of that lucidity.

Horde of Barbarians Blinded and

 The ideas that Cioran develops around the absurd destiny of existence reveal, here and there – and contrary to what might seem – an exaltation of life . The obsessive treatment he carries out with respect to death, meaninglessness, nothingness, mysticism and saints, history and God, among other topics, responds to his resentment towards a universe fac with the possibility of not being, a condemn b2b email list world. to extinction. There is only something more catastrophic than dying: Cioran talks about the inconvenience of being born. The greatest evil is not found at the end of life – this end would be nothing more than the frightening and absurd outcome of a greater absurdity – but at the very beginning: at birth.

Debased by the Miserable

 And precisely because being born to die, coming out of nothing to return to it without any fuss, is a huge nonsense. Life is a terrible string of encounters and disagreements, it is the expression of B2B Fax Lead a monstrous error of its creator, but no one lov it as much as the Romanian nihilist himself. The life of this writer of existential disenchantment was long. But even though he was upset and disillusion in the face of an existence doom to failure by the one he calls the “unfortunate demiurge,” he did not renounce life.

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