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Messenger marketing for offline business. Top 3 working strategies .

Autumn is near. The time of business activity is coming, increasing the traffic of people in cities, as well as visits to coffee shops, cafes, shopping malls. This is a great opportunity Messenger marketing for for offline business owners to increase their income. But you should not relax, because the competition in this market is high. How to attract customers and make them permanent with the help of messengers? Let’s analyze 3 working strategies.

Loyalty program in chat bot

After scanning the QR code, a person goes .The chatbot for Phone Number List bonuses and is authorized in it.You have received a subscriber with contacts that can be transferred to CRM and used in the future. Advice. Make mailings.with a reminder to use your bonuses, with promotions. Invite followers to participate in sweepstakes, events and workshops – more engagement. Lifehack. Personalize mailings based on preferences, date of birth, gender.

Need new customers and do you have a delivery option?

Run ads on local Telegram channels with a link to your chatbot B2B Fax Lead business card. Add your home delivery menu to the chatbot. For the first order. You can make it free – this will increase conversion. In the future.Also do mailings with promotions, as in the first strategy. Chatbot butt A sushi delivery service in my city already uses a similar mechanism. I am sure that this affects the growth of their revenue.

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