Thus to  SOCIOLOGY OF KNOWLEDGE understand this process, the work started from the following problem question: was there an effective insertion of women in positions of greater power in politics after the Quota Law. Especially in positions with greater decision-making power. The objective of this work aims to analyze whether  Petroleum Manufacturers Email Lists  there has been an increase in the entry of women into the legislative branch. For this, it was used as a methodology to review literature relevant to the topic and empirical analysis of the statistical framework of election results, found in the digital  collection of the Brazilian Superior Electoral Court – the TSE. The result of the study showed that even after the implementation of the electoral quota, women still represent fewer numbers compared to men.


The entry of women into politics did not start in modern times. In Brazil specifically, the first participation took place through winning the vote, in 1934, since then, the struggle of Brazilian women has carried a trajectory of forces towards achieving fuller participation in society. Without inequalities discriminations and being free. Conquering the public space of power is an achievement, which in turn comes slowly and gradually. As it first involves overcoming obstacles permeated by deep-rooted ideas that this space only confers on men. Since the participation of women in the movement for in Brazil it was necessary to insert them into spaces of political representation. As it became clear that women represent an important part of the social context.

Women, Politics and Representative Democracy

The trajectory of women is a history of struggles against gender inequalities and various manifestations that prevent B2B Fax Lead   them from fully functioning in society (ALVES, 2018). Therefore, thinking about the debate about gender. Power and representation necessarily leads to an analysis of the concepts of politics and democracy. As well as thinking about other conceptual and theoretical categories that will guide this work. First of all. In this chapter. A reflection will be made on the perspective surrounding the idea that we had and still have. Of politics as an essentially masculine space. This will be shown intrinsically through authors who seek to explain the political field and its actors. As Brabo (2008) states. Many authors still disregard the female role. Forgetting how much women played a role in many moments in history.

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