These two groups of data

They don’t return a value, and you don’t have to specify the keyword . If you don’t create a constructor for your class, will help you by using a so-call default no-argument constructor. What does the term constructor overloading mean? Constructor overloading refers to passing different numrs and types of variables as parameters, which are all private variables of the class. How to use non-primitive variables in ? Non-primitive variables always refer to objects in the . In , what is a static variable? Static variables are associat with a class, not with objects of that class.

What is the data type

How are they group? In a , variables must of a specifi data type, such as integer, float, character boolean, or string.   types are: Primitive data types, including and Non-primitive data types, including strings, arrays, and classes Nigeria Business Email List How are primitive data types defin and each data type describ by its size and description? is bytes in size. It stores integers from to of size bytes. It stores integers from to of size bytes.    decimal digits. The size of the boolean is bits. It stores true or false values. is bytes in size. It stores a single character letter or value. is bytes in size Constructors are us to.

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What do the terms autoboxing

Unboxing mean in ? Autoboxing means that the compiler automatically converts primitive data types to object equivalents or wrapper types to simplify compilation. Unboxing is the automatic conversion of a wrapp B2B Fax Lead type to its original equivalent. What is the wrapper class in Each primitive data type has a class dicat to it, call a wrapper class. We call them wrapper classes cause they wrap primitive data types into objects of that class. Wrapper classes convert primitives to reference types (objects). What is the difference tween method and constructor in.

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