Your prospects definitely do not want to be seen as “sales leads.” On the contrary, they want to feel the to decide and be in constant search for information about the product or service they . As a salesperson, you cannot focus the same efforts on each prospect; on the contrary, you must personalize your sales process according to the client’s availability. You can easily carry out this process through content WHAT IS THE BUYER’S JOURNEY. Classifie by a concept call “The Buyer’s Journey”. It refers to a process that all human beings go through before deciding to get a product or service. It is important because it classifies the content offer according to the client’s. It consists of 3 stages: awareness stage, consideration stage and decision stage. At Freelan Marketing we work under the Inbound Marketing proposal.

What is “The Buyer's Journey”?

-Stage of consciousness At this stage the prospect realizes that they have a problem. He still does not classify or identify it in its entirety, but he is beginning to become aware of it. Here the most advisable thing is that as a seller you ask yourself. Some questions and answer Phone Number Database them as realistically as you can to start your strategy, for example. How are these types of customers  or inform about. WHAT IS THE BUYER’S JOURNEY. The issues of your business? What are the consequences that this industry experiences by not addressing the problems it presents. How do these companies decide if the problem to be solve is a priority in their business. Consideration stage Here the prospect is already aware of the problem, defines it and analyzes some alternatives to solve it. 

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As a seller, you can start off on the right foot by asking these questions. What are the consumption habits of customers and the communication channels with which they receive information about your business. What are the most important points that customers take B2B Fax Lead into account when trusting a supplier. Decision stage At this point the prospect is already searching for specific channels to solve the problem. WHAT IS THE BUYER’S JOURNEY. Normally they already have options to choose from. So it is important that you focus your content effectively so that they see the best option in you and close the sale. Start by asking yourself: What criteria do customers use to evaluate available offers. What concerns do customers have about new suppliers. 

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