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Data via a  Your images, to use to display your products dynamically You don’t ne any add-ons to view them: you can easily view them from a mobile phone or computer GIFs have been shown to increase engagement levels and email open rates . A DELL GIF image-bas campaign result in a % increase in open. Conversions and % report revenue. To increase the effectiveness of GIFS in your email , it is important that their use has a specific purpose. It’s not enough to add them just because they look pretty. Take your time and think first about what you want to convey, don’t be afraid to apply them to your brand.

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Data via a  Start integrating them into small spaces in your message design or make them Phone Number Data your main attraction. The opportunities and themes are endless. For example, if you own a clothing or electronics. Store and have a big special promotion. You can search for those that say “OFFER”, “PROMO”, “PROMOTIONS” It is important to know that not all email clients are able to support this format. Among these, Outlook , and will not be able to display the animation.

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Upon receiving the message, customers will only see the first image of the GIF. It is for this reason that it is recommend that the most relevant information. Whether it is a call to action, an offer or a headline. Be the first thing demonstrat by your GIFs. Create a GIF the easy way Since now you know the benefits of using GIFs in the design of your emails , it is time to test them, there are online solutions that you can use to create them.

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