How do you know if your marketing strategy

Break Your Marketing Funnel Down – The Basics of Marketing Strategy One great way to refine your marketing strategy and find which marketing tactics and channels work best for you is to break down your marketing funnel. Each marketing funnel is base on the AIDA format, which translates as: Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action (Attention, Interest, Desire, and Action) sample marketing strategy At the top are cold contacts, i.e. people who know nothing about the existence of your brand, but whose awareness and interest you want to raise. You have to figure out how to turn them into hot leads by making them feel desirable. Finally, you nee to capitalize on that desire by asking them to take action, whether it’s to join your mailing list or buy your product.

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You should divide each chosen channel into parts and map your customer’s journey through your marketing funnel. By dividing your customer’s journey into database parts, you can find weak points in your marketing funnel and see if there is anything else you can do to ensure sufficient leads to your final action phase. This action is extremely helpful when you tactics and where to apply them. Create SMART marketing goals for yourself Now that you understand, you should figure out what success means to you.


The basics of your marketing strategy

It would be easy to say that you want to be B2B Fax Lead more visible or that you want more clients, but the goals should be more specific. is working if you don’t know what success means? Here are some examples of poorly define goals: I want to rank first in Google. I want a bigger mailing list. I want to increase awareness of my upcoming product.

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