That Factor Impacts Your Online Presence

Anyone who has spent a little time researching and learning about search engine positioning, that is. That Factor SEO performance, recognizes that web speed is one of the. Most important and determining factors for a site to attract traffic and. Of course, generate opportunities. visibility and business. Within web speed there are 3 crucial aspects that any site. Development team must consider and which we will delve into in this article. Firstly, there is the server through which visitors connect or the hosting that. According to its quality, will be able to provide a better user experience and favor positioning in the SERPs.

7 Tools to Test Web Speed That Factor

It is the WordPress hosting  job function email list solution , offered by Stage. That has great performance optimization capabilities for pages in terms of SEO . In addition, it is an excellent option not only to create WordPress sites and manage them, but also to measure their speed. Through intense reviews of the site’s content, Stage will provide specific recommendations focused on. Improving the performance of the entire page .Likewise, it will give you support to optimize web speed. And analyze those aspects that you need to fix to promote SEO in WordPress .

Google Page Speed ​​insights

Page Speed ​​Insights is a very simple and B2B Fax Lead intuitive platform that. Will quickly show you the loading speed of your site, both on mobile devices and computers . This tool will provide very easy-to-understand graphs with recommendations. On what we can do to improve website optimization. Let’s go with another Google tool ! This is Test my site from Think With Google. A platform with a slightly more specific focus on mobile devices . And, with the evident increase in the use of cell phones for browsing. Any Digital Marketing team must pay a lot of attention to this aspect.

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