What is and how to make your life on the Internet safer

Ciberprotector is a project that aims to bring the security and privacy of our digital life to everyone’s reach . As I mentioned in the personal introduction, it is quite likely that you have previously seen a series or movie in which that IT champion explains how she hides her tracks and navigates safely . Something that is out of your reach. Have you heard people tell you that, after having watched I don’t know what documentary on Netflix, they never connect to a Wi-Fi network anymore . Not the one at the hotel, not the one at the library or the one at the gym and of course not the one at Inditex. Who knows how to protect themselves.

Secure and anonymous

And so many other points. Everyone, including me, hears top industry data about the security and privacy risks that threaten us, but let’s be honest, it seems that the most we want to do is use passwords that at least include an at the end of our date of birth and, of course, put a sticker on the camera in case it’s hot and we decide to work without a shirt.If you had heard about solutions, in English, with deep dark websites and green letters, that allowed you to add security to your digital life but without knowing if they were actually the bad one, or the good one, or the ugly one

top industry data

Secure management of

Then you will understand why  was born.  is a tool B2B Fax Lead that allows you to add security to your digital life, protecting your privacy and anonymity while you browse, in a simple, accessible way and with the protection and reliability of  . Hey, I think it’s defined, right? Key benefits and features Yes, a very nice definition but not too revealing, right? What is  really for? Okay, let’s get to the point! Let me point out to you what are the benefits of using this tool: Connect without fear to Wi-Fi networks: C makes your browsing anonymous and secure when you connect to any network, even open networks. Make your browsing anonymous.

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