What is conversational commerce

Google Keyword Planner is also a good solution, but it gives less accurate results than Senuto or KWfinder. To fully use it, you must have an active Google Ads campaign . Website positioning in the UK – selecting keywords using Senuto When selecting keywords, pay attention to their competitiveness. To do this, enter the selected phrase (or several phrases) into Senuto and then click Search. After a while, the tool will generate a keyword database for you. Pay attention to the average (monthly) search volume. The more times a given phrase is searched for in a month, the more difficult it will be to rank it.

Chatbots and voicebots in conversational commerce

Typically, the domains that appear in the TOP are market leaders that have been fighting for positions in search engines for at least – years. Therefore, choose less competitive phrases first. To find them, simply view further Photo Retouching search results. Depending on the  adopted SEO strategy in the UK, you can additionally position your website for long tail keywords , which contain at least – words. The key tool in this case is Answer The Public. After entering the phrase you are interested in, the tool will display the most frequently entered affirmative and interrogative phrases.

These virtual assistants

Thanks to this, you will be able to easily determine long-tail SEO phrases that you will include in your long-tail positioning strategy in the future . According to smartinsights.com statistics, long tail SEO searches have a – % higher click-through rate than general phrases (consisting of a maximum of two phrases. Other companies, including business B2B Fax Lead partners; publishing material on social media to generate interest and obtain links from other sites. We also have our own SEO facilities in the UK, thanks to which Google robots will treat your website as one of the most valuable in the industry. With our help, you will get additional traffic, which will translate into increased conversions and maximum profits.

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