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The platform should be scalable so that it can grow along with your business Security: Platforms should be secure to protect the privacy of candidates and recruiters Integration: The platform should be integrated with your existing human resources systems, such as your applicant tracking system() Report:

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The platform should provide a comprehensive report so that you latest database can track the progress of the video interview If you look closely at each of these points, you will see why they are all important aspects to look for in candidates. Now, if you look closely, you will find that you are the smartest AI recruiter you can hire Not only is help available through video interviews, but it is also helpful throughout the recruitment process from the start.

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Your company can provide many services, such as: Code Evaluation Evaluation Evaluation & Evaluation Conversations on-demand interviews Procurement Assistant on-site interviews Interview Builder Email Visit us for more information on the advantages and importance of each product B2B Fax Lead The future of video interviews The prospects for video interviews are bright. With the advent of new technologies such as artificial intelligence, video interviews will only become more popular.

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