How REI unleashes the power of long-form video

Eitor’s Note: Paolo Mottola was awarde 2017 Content Marketer of the Year. He will be sharing insights from all CMY finalists on his blog before the winners are announce on Content Marketing World. Mark Zuckerberg recently identifie video as a “megatrend” with the potential to change. How REI unleashes the power of long-form video. The same game as mobile. and the race for marketers to add video to their content mix is officially on. Video is a megatrend with the same game-changing potential as mobile. says MarkZuckerbergF via AndreaFryrear. Click to Tweet REI eitor-in-Chief Paolo Mottola has long understood the inherent power of visual storytelling. so consider staying ahead of the curve with REI. His foresight means his team is way ahead of the video adoption curve and is 


Already seeing excellent results

REI produces dozens of complex videos each year. ranging from 5-minute how-to videos to 40-minute Special Database documentaries. Paolo and his content marketing team have brought real benefits to the REI brand. with recent releases such as Brothers of Climbing. Within Reach. and Adventures in Real Life. which garnere millions of views across digital networks in 2017. Get brand exposure and meia with short films. . With video content delivering on all cylinders. Paolo was nominate for 2017’s Content Marketer of the Year. While REI has a unique and powerful opportunity to create great videos. Paolo believes any brand can reach its potential by approaching video content. the right way. 


Handpicke relevant content

23 things to consider when creating video content [examples] Brand guidelines come first REI’s brands are all about B2B Fax Lead the outdoor lifestyle. and as America’s largest co-op. we have a wealth of great stories to share. But even under this almost ideal situation. REI did not rush into video production. The REI content marketing team built the video strategy from a solid foundation of internal brand guidelines and a clearly define brand voice. This base helps his team deliver a consistent viewer experience. Show viewers how to take their first snowshoe trip or follow expert cyclists as they ride their bikes across the Unite States. [email protecte] Build a content foundation with a detaile 


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