The shooter has already entered the production phase

Leica decided to go wider and faster. Therefore, The camera announcement event will be. After that, held on June 10th or 11th. New details may emerge during that time. After that, So keep an eye on our website. Show and Say on the  MCP Site. This is the place to share your images with MCP products our  Photoshop actions. Lightroom presets ,  textures  and more. Therefore, We’ve always shared before and after Blueprints on our main blog.  But now, we’ll occasionally share some favorites from Show and. Tell to showcase these photographers even more. If you haven’t checked out Show and Tell yet. After that, what are you waiting for? You’ll learn how other photographers use. Our products and see what they can do for your work.

When it comes to the lens

Specifications of with a touch screen with support for Live Industry Email List View on the back. A built-in electronic viewfinder with a resolution of 3.68 million points.  Focus Peaking, continuous shooting mode up to 10 pounds and. A maximum ISO of 50,000. Leica Q decided to meet the public for. Therefore, A week The first leaked image of the Leica Q shows that. The compact camera will use a 28mm f 1.7 Summilux ASPH lens. Therefore, The optic comes with a focus and aperture ring that allows users.  To manually control these settings. As we said above, the Q shooter of. The German manufacturer competes. Therefore, with the Sony RX1 and RX1-R. These cameras have a 24-megapixel sensor and a fixed 35mm f 2 lens.

The shooter continues

Features of the Leica Q camera have been revealed B2B Fax Lead ahead of its announcement. event. Therefore, Leica Q is the name of the German company’s upcoming full-frame camera. Therefore, The device, like most of the company’s products. is made in Germany.This shooter features a full 24-megapixel CMOS image sensor and is powered by the new. Maestro II image processor. Its body will. Therefore, be made of magnesium alloy and its upper part will be made of aluminum. Leica’s next Q camera will be capable of full. Therefore, HD video recording and will be Wi-Fi enabled. The latter allows users to control. The camera via smartphone. Or tablet and transfer files to the mobile device.

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