When we talk about page addresses

Can .you .navigate between. pages easily? Do. you ne .to .scroll .you.r .phone. screen horizontally to see content? Do .you ne .to “pinch” to zoom. to understand the site? Is the content well adapt or is it truncat and difficult to understand? By .answering .the .questions .above, you. will .know. for. yourself: your website nes to be improv. on mobile, And as. we’ve already said. that’s. not an. option. Your .potential customer is on mobile, So adapt .your .website .accordingly.6th: Page addresses. Let’s now go into some more technical points, but which are .equally. important and are relatively .easy for. you to check if they are being compli with.

Very common scenario when building a website

When we talk about page addresses, we are talking about URLs, that is, the name that appears in the browser’s address bar when you access a website (usually something like And, because we are entering the technical field, a very common scenario when building a website is not to worry as much about the addresses as seen above, which are the internal pages of a website, For an example, see the image below: Page addresses The first example refers to a product page, specifically, the product “DB100PLUS – Digital  new data  Tunnel”, which is within the “Recycling” category on the website list, The second example is a page here on the blog, from one of the posts we made, Note that in the first example, from the address.

This means that the potential website visitor

It is possible to see what the company is about and that the products would be recycl, but there is no mention of the name of the product in the address, in addition to all the characters that appear after “,php ?” are irrelevant to the user, And here you must be thinking: “but that doesn’t matter to a person, She doesn’t look at it,” Well, more or less, See the image below: Page addresses – results on Google Note that the page address also appears in the Google search results, This means that the potential website visitor does see this url, And here I believe you will agree with me that it doesn’t help in any B2B Fax Lead  way, since the part of the address doesn’t say anything to anyone, And there’s more: do you know who a good, simple, short and objective address is good for.

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