A company specializ in distribution

Nowadays. A company specializ in distribution. Perfectly integrat into the context of its production chain or supply chain. Must be able to rely on a cutting-ge b2b platform. 

The b2b platform must be able to optimize (and automate) all commercial relationship processes. Both with the market. Made up of customers of different types and relat nes. And with its partners. Production companies and service providers. Supporting the sales network effectively in pursuing its objectives.

Which has been alongside distribution companies

ntempra.Com. Which has been alongside distribution companies for over 20 years with its innovative solutions. Thus outlines the characteristics and functions that an innovative b2b platform should offer today to consolidate the success and leadership of a company in its reference latest database ecosystem  . Complete and linear integration with erp and management systems : an impeccable integration system with erp. Management systems and company it infrastructure is essential. It must guarantee a fluid workflow and real-time access to all information: logistics. Commercial. Finance. Customer care. To operate with efficiency and precision thanks to always updat information

To identify nes and trends

marketing department to act effectively. To identify nes and trends. In a process of continuous improvement of commercial strategies and enhancing long-lasting relationships with customers.

Graphical customer interface and customizable content : each customer is unique. So the b2b platform must allow you to customize not only the commercial proposal made up of personaliz prices and B2B Fax Lead promotions. But must be able to adapt the interface and contents bas on each customer’s preferences. This will ensure an engaging and target user experience. Increasing order quality and customer loyalty

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